Ethics Education Resources



There are always new programs and resources coming to light in the field of Ethics Education.  We are pleased to feature member involved programs, as well as programs we feel are appropriate for our Members.

If you have knowledge of programs and resources you believe should be included, please notify the APPE Office, 618 East 3rd Street, Bloomington, IN 47405, PH: 812-855-6450, email:


Member Involved Programs

New Ethics Video Series from McCombs School of Business

Ethics Unwrapped Educational Program and Video Series, a free video series from the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, presents accessible, entertaining videos for learning how to act ethically and for those who teach ethical decision-making and behavior.


Giving Voice To Values: Values-driven Leadership and Ethics in Business Education

Giving Voice To Values (GVV) continues to expand rapidly around the world, in business schools as well as companies and other professional education settings and I continue to hear from faculty who inquire whether we can organize another convening to allow educators to learn from each other about best practices in using this pedagogy and curriculum for values-driven leadership.


Teaching Ethics Journal

Teaching Ethics reviews recent books useful for teaching and learning ethics in any discipline or across disciplines. These include textbooks designed for the classroom, but also scholarly books on topics in ethics, and works of fiction that explore ethical issues. We do not typically review new editions of books already in print.