Mailing List Rental

Mailing List Policy and Procedures

REVISED 5/15/13

The mailing list of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics consists of names of our members and a large number of other individuals and institutions who we have reason to believe are concerned with practical and professional ethics.
Our list is available for one-time rental use for purposes that are compatible with the aims of the Association and will be made available subject to the approval of the Association. We reserve the right to see a copy of the mailing before agreeing to rent the list. Placement of an order for the Association’s list constitutes the renter’s agreement not to: (1) reuse the list; (2) print or photocopy the list for reuse; (3) allow anyone else to use the list or any part thereof; or (4) place the list into a database for any purpose whatsoever.
The list is available in digital (excel) format or printed format.

You may pay by credit card for the labels through our online payment portal (add link) or send us either a purchase order or a check.  Please allow fifteen working days after the approval of your request for the delivery of the labels printed lables. There is a five day wait for digital format.  If your order is time-sensitive and you need it before the stated wait times, contact the APPE office for a rush order.  There is an additional cost of $25 for a rush order.
The list includes both U.S. and international addresses. The list is updated and expanded regularly; please call for an exact count at the time of your purchase. The entire list is more than 2000 contacts where approximately 1600 are current and former members. You may purchase the entire list, a designated portion of the entire list or the membership list.
Labels can be ordered in printed or electronic (exel) format. Please note: The minimum charge for individual member labels is $100 for members, $125 for non-members. The minimum charge for the institutional only member list is $25 for members and $50 for non-members.

There is an additional charge for shipping costs: $10 domestic shipping; $25 international shipping.
To order, our Mailing List, please complete the following instructions:

If you are paying by credit card, you may use our online payment portal.  Please, click the here to access our online payment portal.

If you prefer to pay by check or electronic transfer, please contact the APPE Office at 812-855-6450 or

Credit card transactions will no longer be handled by phone, fax or mail.  Please, use the online payment portal.

We can only except checks with funds from U.S. banks.
Make checks payable to IU – APPE

Mail to: Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

618 E. Third Street

Bloomington, IN 47405