Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership


Individual and institutional members receive:

  • all appropriate publications including our newsletter, Ethically Speaking; Profiles in Ethics, describing member ethics centers; and the Member Directory
  • registration discount for the Annual Meeting
  • APPE members will receive a 25% discount ($40 vs. the usual rate of $53) for individual subscriptions to the electronic version of International Journal of Applied Philosophy (IJAP) including electronic access to all issues (22+ volumes) of IJAP. To subscribe, click on the following link to be redirected to the IJAP website: International Journal of Applied Philosophy (IJAP).
  • use, at cost, of mailing and membership lists: Mailing List Policy and Procedures.
  • postings on our website at no cost

Individual members also receive:

  • access to resources of institutional members as determined by each institutional member

Institutional members also receive:

  • one individual membership, designated by the institution’s director
  • assistance in publicizing themselves and their programs through the Association’s mailings, electronic distribution list, conferences, and referrals
  • opportunity to collaborate on programming with the Association and fellow institutional members
  • opportunity to collaborate on sponsored projects
  • opportunity to network with other centers

Supporting and Sustaining Institutional members receive:

  • three or five individual memberships, respectively (one of which is the director). These are to be designated by the institution’s director.
  • all other benefits as outlined in the above Institutional member category

Organizational Sponsor Membership

Organizations may become sponsors at the level of $2000 or more. This level of membership includes all the benefits of Institutional Membership, but Sponsors will also be identified in APPE publicity as having a national leadership role in promoting APPE and RCR education.

Institutional members agree to provide:

  • access to their resources (e.g., library facilities)*
  • opportunity for individual members to consult with staff on issues of mutual interest*  Exact arrangements are negotiated between individual members and institutional members.


Special Interest Sections

APPE sponsors many opportunities for advancing research and professional practice through Special Interest Sections. These interest sections put members in touch with international leaders in their field that are developing and implementing practical ethics programs all areas of business, education and the professions.  Special Interest Sections also organize program sessions at the Annual Meeting, and engage members in ongoing communication and collaboration throughout the year.

Currently, Association facilitates and supports special interest sections for those with particular interests in the following areas:

Biomedical Ethics

Business Ethics

Engineering, Science and Technology Ethics

Ethics Bowl

Journalism and Media Ethics

Pre College Ethics

RCREC (Responsible Conduct of Research) and Research Ethics

There is a specific group in the Association devoted to the responsible conduct of research and represented by a subcommittee of the Association, the Responsible Conduct of Research Educational Committee (RCREC). The RCREC subcommittee sponsors workshops on research ethics education at the Association’s Annual Meeting as well as selected locations around the United States. Any individual or institutional member of the Association can choose to be identified as part of the RCREC Special Interest Group by checking the special interest group on the membership form and will receive any information on RCREC activities on the RCREC e-mail news.


Applying for Membership and Membership Renewal

If you are not currently a member of the Association and would like to join, or are a current member and would like to renew your membership, please complete the following instructions:

If you are paying by credit card, you may use our online payment portal.  No paper application form is necessary, though the online portal will require some information.  Please, click the here to access our online payment portal.

If you prefer to pay by check or electronic transfer, please fill in the 2017-18 Membership Form and email, fax or mail it to the APPE Offices (see contact information at the bottom of this page.)  We accept pdfs, scanned and faxed forms.

The information you provide with your membership will be used in planning Association activities. Your address information and description will be included in the Member Directory.

Renewal Note: There is no need to fill out a new form, unless information has changed. You can renew your membership quickly and easily with a credit card by using our online payment portal.

Credit card transactions will no longer be handled by phone, fax or mail.  Please, use the online payment portal.

If you prefer, you may print the form and return it to our office with payment. Accepted payments forms at the APPE offices are: By mail, please mail your check drawn from a U.S. financial institution to the address listed at the bottom of this page;  By electronic bank transfer: please contact the APPE office for banking information and instructions. Foreign bank transfers will have an additional bank processing fee.

PLEASE, DO NOT SEND CHECKS DRAWN ON FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNTS. We can only accept checks drawn on U.S. Bank accounts in the office.