Mission and Vision

Ethics for Today and a Vision for Tomorrow 

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) is a comprehensive, international organization advancing scholarship, education, and practice in practical and professional ethics.

Through its individual and institutional members, APPE  supports and trains the next generation of faculty and professionals, works to improve ethical conduct in the workplace, and to advance public dialogue in ethics and values.

Living the Vision

Join, Participate, and Expand

The founding charter of APPE challenges us “to address concerns about educating for civic and professional responsibility” among

“individuals concerned with the interdisciplinary study and teaching of practical and professional ethics,” and to “foster discourse… in practical ethics” in “colleges and universities, centers, professional associations, and local, state, and national governments…”

To accomplish these broad aims we need your help. Please join us in educating and training the ethical leaders of tomorrow.  Help us foster informed and productive dialogue on ethical issues.  With your creative ideas, energy, and support we can build ethical communities through effective local, national and international partnerships.

National and International Impact

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, with a membership approaching 1,000 spanning the entire United States and 12 foreign countries, brings together scholars and professionals in more than 50 different subspecialty areas of practical and applied ethics.

APPE creates opportunities for career advancement and professional growth for academic faculty, business and government leaders, and professionals from all areas including business, engineering, journalism, law, medicine, scientific research, social work, and all others concerned with the application of ethics and values in professional and public life.

The 140 institutional members at APPE represent major academic research universities, professional schools, community colleges, research and compliance offices, corporations, government agencies including the military, and other organizations that support professional ethics.

Ethics Centers

APPE Ethics Centers are changing the world—locally at their home institutions, regionally in the metropolitan areas they serve, and professionally throughout the world.

Since the founding of APPE over 20 years ago, the Ethics Center Directors in the United States, Canada and Internationally have provided active and coordinated leadership within the Association. Today, with more than 100 ethics centers represented among its institutional members, APPE is the premier, professional organization focused on advancing ethics education, research and practice across all subject disciplines.

You Can Make a Difference

APPE receives support from individuals and institutions committed to advancing scholarship, education, and practice in practical and professional ethics. Please join us in the APPE mission to support and train the next generation of ethics faculty and professionals, improve ethical conduct in the workplace, and advance public dialogue in ethics and values.

Your leadership as a member and a donor will have a substantial impact and make a real difference. As a Member you join an international body of scholars and practitioners who are advancing the field of practical and professional ethics. As a Donor you are helping improve the ethics education of young people and making values a vital part of the places we work and live.

We encourage you to join in this important work. Further information is available at the APPE website or by contacting us directly at the APPE office. All donations to APPE are tax deductible.