Poster Specifications and Guidelines

Posters will be limited to 36″ high by 60″ wide.  The provided poster board will be 40″ high by 60″ wide and mounted on stands.  Your name and poster number (if provided by the APPE office) will be displayed in the upper left-hand corner above your poster. If there are a significant number of poster submissions, each poster will be assigned a number in advance so that you will know where to place your poster.  If this is so, you will receive an email approximately two weeks prior to the conference with your poster number information.  If you do not receive the email, poster placement will be first come, first served.

Posters must be presented using the poster boards provided by the Conference and may be contiguous.  Presenters may not use their own self-contained displays. Due to space constraints, no tables or electricity will be provided.  No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.

Posters will be affixed by push pins.  Tape, paste, glue, staples, or nails are not permitted.  A limited supply of push pins will be provided by APPE, but we recommend you bring a supply with you.

A pocket folder will be available for handouts and affixed to your poster board.  If you wish to provide handouts, bring at least 50 copies of your handout and place them in the pocket, when you put up your poster.  You can refresh your pocket with additional copies of your handout, as needed, whenever the Book Resource Room is open. The APPE staff will not be able to copy your materials.  The hotel will have facilities or be able to direct you to where you are able to copy items.

The author/presenter(s) are expected to remain by his/her/their poster during the special poster session.  We suggest that you be in place by your poster at least five minutes prior to the beginning of the session, if possible.  Poster presentation day and time will be emailed to the presenters in early January.

Set Up:  Posters must be in place no later than 8 am Friday morning of the conference. Preference is for the posters to be set up on Thursday, between the hours of 9am and 8pm.  If you cannot set up your poster on Thursday, please make prior arrangements with Beth Works, APPE Assistant Director and Conference Organizer, for a time to set up your poster ( or 765-658-5015.)

Removal:  Posters must be removed between the hours of 12:15pm and 2:45pm on Saturday.  (Please note: Poster display boards will be dismantled and removed at 3pm on Saturday, so please have your poster down by this time. If not, the conference organizers are not responsible for lost or damaged posters removed by the display board vendor. Posters and display materials not removed and left behind will be discarded by the hotel.)

Your poster must include the following:

  • The title of the presentation and a list of authors.  Letters in the title should be at least 1 inch high. We suggest that any lettering on your poster be legible from a distance of 6 to 10 feet and bold.  Avoid the use of serif fonts, as they are difficult to read from a distance.  Sans serif fonts, such as Veranda, are much easier for attendees to read.

Shipping:  Should you need to ship your poster to the Hilton Palmer House Hotel in advance of the conference, please note:

Delivery window: Shipments should arrive at the hotel no earlier than the Monday prior to the conference and no later than Wednesday prior to the conference.

Please, address shipments in the following manner:

Palmer House Hilton Hotel

                Attn: Beth Works

                Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

                Annual Conference March 1-4, 2018

17 East Monroe Street

Chicago, IL  60603


If you have questions, please contact Beth Works, APPE Assistant Director and Conference Organizer, at: or 765-658-5015.