Program Tracks

2018 Annual Conference Program Tracks

Program Tracks for the 2018 Annual Conference announcements will be made through the APPE Listserv.  If you are interested in having your email added to the APPE Listserv, please contact the APPE Offices at or 812-855-6450.


We invite submissions in the following categories: (1) Individual Presentations; (2) Panel Discussions; (3) Pedagogical Demonstrations; (4) Case Studies; (5) Posters; (6) Creative Arts (e.g., short play, poetry, or fiction); (7) Book submissions of recent works in ethics.

In practice, one individual submission per person will be accepted.


Special Program Topics


For the 2018 APPE Annual Conference, we encourage participation and submissions in the following special topic areas:

  • TBD

The links below show the tracks that were available at the 2016 Annual Conference held in Reston, Virginia in February 2016.  These, general tracks with the addition of the special program tracks listed above will be included in the 2017 Annual Conference Program Tracks.

Bioethics Program Track

Business Ethics Program Track

Education Ethics Track

STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering) Ethics Track

Law and Society Track

Media and Journalism Track

Moral Theory Track

Research Ethics Track


Questions? Contact the APPE Office at or 812-855-6450